Growth & Grades: Langley & College

Good afternoon everyone, I’m currently sitting in the student lounge at Kwantlen College waiting for the line up at the book store to thin out before I load up on textbooks for next semester, so I have some time to kill while I wait. [ADDED] I got my grades, I’m happy, except for the French class.

Anyway, I heard last night that Langley Township City council passed the Development Permit Application and gave the green light for the construction of the “70 unit four-storey apartment building and eight (8) townhouse units, between Billy Brown Road and the Fraser River.” Quoting the November 30, 2007 letter from Mark Naill, Senior Development Planner. I also heard that the meeting at city hall was “voiceful” as some residence complained about the “out of touch” building style of the project. I have the proposal in front of me, and, well everyone should have seen it coming?

Firstly, this is a residential development project. There is a housing demand and housing prices are still going through the roof, even with the US economy going sour, people here in British Columbia want housing, and for those who can afford it–they want a view! So should it surprise you that Fort Langley be the “choice” place to live? Everyone of my friends envies me because I live here. We have big trees, water front, HWY 1 access and semi-isolation from the rest of the Lower Mainland.

Second, People are worried about crime? Fort Langley has always had Its little crime problem. Should an additional increase in occupancy scare anyone? It’s going to happen no matter what, so dealing with more residence is all part of growth. As we increase with population, so does our need for dealing with the social influx–hey we can hire more police, civic and crime prevention staff.

Third, I always wonder if the buyers’ of these new condos know that they are building on a flood plain? They are only living about 3-4 metres above the water level, and that’s with the 1 metre increase in dyke level when the construction started. When I read the part about this new building having an underground parking lot, I laughed. Flooding is always a concern for me, and I’m 4 metres above ground level from the Bedford Canal.

I will see the building from my home. But I see it as something better than what I was looking at five years ago which was the old cedar wood mill that sat there before. It would have being nice if the land was a park or a farm, but with an economy like ours, money and growth go hand in hand. So seeing houses built there is not so bad because it could have just as easily being an industrial complex with factories pumping out smoke and making noise. Hey, we still have the Fort-to-Fort Trail!

Now if someone can only move the train tracks somewhere else?

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