Yup, It’s Shopping Season

Oh it’s the season all right, as I see people running over top of each other trying to get their shopping done. I just came back from the Willowbrooke Mall because I had to pick up some stuff from a friend of mind who works there, so I never had any intentions of going shopping or checking out any of the rip-offs deals that all stores are advertising. I am a good shopper because not once did I succumb to the evils of the shop-O-hollic weakness and spent any money there! But boy did I see people going crazy over shopping! Most of the people I saw in the mall were teenagers, partly because I have my weekend during the middle of the week and the kids are on their holidays from school, but there were hundreds of them, mostly girls, carrying two three, sometimes five shopping bags full of items. Where do they get all this money–is my first thought?

When I met up with my friend, who works in one of those big-box stores, he told me that his employer has set the prices for just about every item in the store weeks before the sales start. I asked him if all of these sales were, sales. He said yes, “but they are not as good as one would think they are.” For example, he showed me a popular toy that is common for kids around the age of six to eight range. The toy was selling for $34.95 CND. The sale price was going to be 40 percent off for Boxing Day. OK, lets do some basic Math here: 34.95 x 40% = 13.98 – 34.95 = 20.97, which is a savings of 13.98! The asking price during November was 24.95. Hey, that’s only a$3.98 difference. He said that the store can defend this price because of the popularity of the toy. Items that are in demand usually means that the price goes higher. We are talking about a one month time period here–I don’t buy that!

So I went home, tiered and stressed from travailing through the sea of maniac motorist, all travelling in the same direction, wanting to get there first. I’m going to have chicken and roast tonight, done in the crock-pot. I love slow-cooked food. Yum. So, I have about another four hour wait until that is done and ready for consumption. In the mean time I did some Ink Scape Art. I call it the “Winter Scene.” Yeah, it was one of those five minute art pieces. Hey, I’m going through SHADD: Seasonal Hyper Attention Deficit Disorder, right now. 🙂

Drawin with a writing tablet and using InkScape Vector Drawing.

Oh, I’m glad to be home. I’m staying away from stores for next three weeks, maybe longer. I think after a good meal, I should be back to normal. I hope so because it is my Monday tomorrow, the first day of work for me this week!

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