YUCK! Winter! Great…… The Solstice has passed and winter has started. For the next four months we get to enjoy grey, cool, rainy, wet weather, oh joy. The only great thing to look forward to is that the days are getting longer after today! Now that’s something to sing about.

I have a glass of Root-Beer and some cookies that a friend of mine made–I promised that I would eat them all–like 2 dozen in total. Ya, so much for the holiday diet! So I’ll be taking some cookies to work tomorrow for sure. They sure taste good with Root-Beer. *smile*

I guess tomorrow too, I’ll start phoning family, kind of a traditional deal this time of year, our little way of keeping up on top of the gossip.  Phoning is about the only way we can stay on top of meeting with each other. I have family all over the place. None of us live in the same town, so visiting is almost an impossible thing to do. All my sisters now have kids, so they can’t just get up an leave to visit me. So family visits around this time of year rarely happen.

I’ve also signed up for volunteer work this holiday, for most of next week, with some of my criminology class mates, as we may be doing a gathering at one of the prisons I’ve done research with at last year. That may be pending as I’m still waiting for my clearance. They just don’t let anyone in their you know.

So all in all, winter has started. Great…. Whoopee….

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