The Day of Hell

Nothing very merry about today, let me tell ya. In fact, with all the ads pumping out seasonal music–inciting me to buy, buy, buy, the world around me was falling apart with no cheer or joyous happiness whatsoever. The chaos that started about the time I woke up and left the front door followed me right up until I got home. Yes, I worked today–it was a commandment from the engine of capitalism that says that we shall stay open to serve those who are lucky enough to have the time off, with money and then spend it. For a day that should be reserved for family, and time off from labour, the afternoon rush hour was just a normal typical Monday.

But what was noticeably different was the attitude of people in the down town core, the route with which I drive through now to get to and from work. Oh yes, the drive through town, those new experiences. As I left for work this morning, very early, it was peaceful, and with hardly no traffic; however, once I got by the senior’s hospital, the “Old Folks Home,” a nurse jumped out of her car and dashed across the street right in front of me. All I could do was slam on my brakes to avoid her. I missed her by three metres, too damn close for my taste. I honked my horn, and she then followed up with a middle finger, replying back to me, saluting to me for stopping just in time. OK, “Merry Christmas to you too….” Somehow running her over just wasn’t an option, even if it was her fault.

The real fun start at work. Today should have being a nice easy day, with no major duties to perform, just a nice quiet day–get the job done, then get out and go home. WRONG! I guess all the transport companies that we deal with wanted to clean out their warehouses for the new year, so we received way beyond what we normally should have expected, or wanted. When a tractor-trailer showed up, full, we knew it was going to be a red letter day. And as the large trailer was being unloaded, smaller cube-vans were showing up, dropping off orders that were scheduled for later during the week. They wanted their warehouses cleaned out too–I guess? So we are now stuck with a receiving warehouse full to the rafters, and only one guy to tackle the job while I’m off for the next three days. But it doesn’t end there because just as I was leaving for home, the manager was driving in the company vehicle, to park it inside of the warehouse, when he caught the bay-door with the roof-racks on top of the vehicle. I heard the crash and bending sounds of the metal door being ripped off, but I didn’t want to look. When I went to the back of the warehouse to see it, several panels had being mangled to the point that the door would not close again. I had to leave–before Hell completely took over the day for me.

I’m now at home. I’m staying put, with no plans of going anywhere, just relaxing, doing nothing. This, the whole work thing, was enough for me. There is too much panic going on while people feed the machine, shopping, driving, spending and cursing at each other. This is a day from Hell. There is nothing happy about it. Even with the sun out, and the mild temperature, the day is cursed. Oh well, maybe tomorrow it will be a little bit better?

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