What is Boxing Day?

What the heck is Boxing Day anyway?

Anyway, I’m away from home, doing the family thing, so I thought since I brought the laptop, and I have some low bandwidth internet to use, I decided to type this out. We are staying home because the down-town area is a mass maze of vehicles, jam packed on the roads, and line-ups of people, in some cases extended around the merchant’s building. “Not for me” I say! Yes I can see one big-box store from the living room window, and it seems like a circus going on over there.

I heard on the radio, CBC Radio One that “Visa Canada,” the credit card people who really want you to use their product so they can loan you credit while they live off of the interest and service charges, they say that buyers, consumers, will be spending about 20 percent less than last year. So I started my sleuthing on the Internet, just to see this survey for myself. Sure enough the information that Visa Canada reported was skewed, and after reading the results, and the disclaimer for the Visa Canada survey, they can’t even “scientifically” say using the survey tool, what the out come could be after today’s Boxing Day (week, month, year…) sales because of the sample group they are using. When you sample card holders only, people who are generally carrying a debt load of credit and who are spending all their money just to maintain it, yes you tend to spend less. This does not surprise me. But it is also a very bad way to base such a prediction too because I think there are many other variables that would indicate such an outcome outside the credit corporation.

Anyway, I’m spending this time with friends rather than going out spending my hard earned money. I think this quality time is far more worthwhile than buying consumer goods that only have a very small beneficial factor or limited usefulness. I sit looking out over at the parking lot seeing people walking with in their wallets, then walking out with boxes and boxes of stuff, I then remembered what one of my first year sociologist professor told me, that “99 percent of what we buy will be in the land fill in less than ten years.” I mean other than food, I see so much of what we buy loosing its usefulness within a very short time. I look at my computers and servers–every four months it seems I’m going in for an upgrade!

So time to get back with friends and family. Everyone have a great holiday, if you get one, or choose to have one.

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