Hexadecimal Passwords Lost.

The weirdest thing happened to me last night? I was setting up an laptop, ridding the machine of its vendor-software, and installing Ubuntu-Gutsy 7.10, and after several attempts I noticed that my router was down. So I logged onto to it, and started trying going through the logs to see what had happen. With OpenWRT I have the option of shutting certain types of WEP idents to limit the number of people who would use my access point and switch–three machine have their MAC Addresses approved and are set on my router, and most WEP-Radius hexadecimals numbers that range up to 164 bit reside with Vi$ta users only, so I void those users right out. But, as a safe guard, if the router is attempted “X” number of times, over a certain amount of time, it shuts down. I set these number low, and only my direct connections are uninterrupted and only hampers the person trying to log onto my home network. So when I viewed the logs, one machine, Mr. 00:EF:3E:QR:62:D4 was attempting, none stop, for that whole day to log on. When I reset the router, he was still there. I ended up listing his MAC Number as “never give access.” As an extra set of precautions, I lowered the send/received strength to 25 percent so I now show as weak or too far away, even though he is showing almost 75 percent signal strength.

[ADDED] I just found out that everyone, Linux, Mac and those other guys, all use WEP 128 bit for their security on their network connections: some by default. I just thought it was those people who ran Vi$ta that used it by default? I guess I’m going to invest some more time into looking at setting up stronger encryption on my poor little router, especially now that I know someone has tried to break into it! Someone must have gotten a Lap-top for their present over the holidays…. Just knowing that someone has tried to get in is enough to add an extra layer of protection.

No idea who this person is, but the clever script that he was using, and I’m assuming it is a “he,” would test one random hexadecimal number on the WEP Key Range, then move onto the another and so on. I thought to myself that this guy must be really stupid because who in their right mind would set up their router to not allow more than three or a limited number of attempts before shutting down? But then I looked around at all the routers in my area, and I think I’m the only one who does this? I even saw some routers with no security: open/free access–say goodbye to your bandwidth!

On a different topic, I’m thinking of redoing my theme here, giving it a whole new look? I have being looking at different colour combinations and creating new logos, you know, fooling around with boredom, so I think maybe next week I’ll start renovating and upgrading? See what happens? I like this Orange, Black, White look?

4 Thoughts on “Hexadecimal Passwords Lost.

  1. Classy, Tom! Out with the old…
    And have the most stellar year yet, bah humbug you.

  2. “Bah Humbug,” me? I’m a good-bug, not a humbug. 😀

  3. I was just teasing you. And of course you know the words!
    Have a great year, Tom!
    Your friend, diane

  4. Yes I know. Thanks! Same to you.

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