Rising Costs = Costs Rising

My diatribe as I paid my pad-rent for the next month. ..

Looks like this will be the theme for 2008, and beyond! With the cost of water, garbage, transit and inflation now becoming an issue with municipalities in the Fraser Valley, where do you think the “buck” is going to be passed? “Rising Costs = Costs Raising,” is the title of my landlord’s 2008 news letter. As the land owner, the person whose name is on the titleholder, he is responsible for the supplying, along with all other landowners, a large chunk of the revenue collected by the city (and some of it going to the provincial and regional governments too) that pays for these utilities and keeps the gears greased so that the city departments can keep running. With inflation in the housing market still climbing, this added expense is causing city taxes to climb even faster as the demand on usage grows with each new home being built.  There is only so much water, and so much room to put our garbage, that eventually the cost of finding new ways of solving this grown demand is going to out price even the affluent property owner. Someone has to pay.

So, the property owner is stuck with the bill. Where can he or she go, or do to keep the costs down? Well, they could cut-down or reduce usages, or find cheaper alternatives, like using different sources or services outside the city. I know most of the people in my area buy their gasoline from Abbotsford, which is outside the “Metro-Vancouver Regional District,” formally known as the GVRD. The cost per fillup may not amount to much, but over a year, it is a savings of $300.00! Garbage is another hot topic these days as our landfills are almost at there capacities. I know of one illegal landfill, and I’m assuming it is illegal because of its location, where you are free to take your garbage any time,  with out cost. If water costs climb higher, I can see people trucking in grey water in storage tanks, and buying drinking water, literally shutting off their city taps to reduce costs. I can see the city changing their billing methods over to a “flat-fee” once people start caching on, so everyone pays no matter how much they use just to keep up with the hogs who use more than their fare share.

But in the end, the buck will be passed. It will effect every wallet, both large and small, young and old, no matter who you are. I’ve always prided myself for be conscientious about conservation and keeping my environmental footprint as small as I can, but I can see I’m going to pay as well.  So how will I cope with the price hikes? Simple, I will be passing the expenses onto my customers with increased fees for the services I offer. When I’m asked to pay for more expensive water, you will pay for it too.  When I’m asked to pay more for my sewage and garbage, you will also pay more. Sure I will find ways to reduce, and cut costs, but in the end the money must come from somewhere, so everyone will pay. And don’t even get me started on the Olympics, as I can see that being a damn good reason to totally move out of the area!

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