Even the Internet is Getting Old!

I’m a little confused right at the moment because I just heard on CBC Radio One that the Internet just turned 25 years old yesterday? Why am I confused? Well, because I always thought the birth started in 1969? According to the CBC archives, Birth of the Internet, 1969 was when the first text, the letters “l” and “o” were transmitted over telephones lines several hundred kilometres away from one computer to another.

On October 29, 1969, at 10:30 p.m., UCLA engineering professor Leonard Kleinrock and student Charley Kline attempted to send a message from one Honeywell computer to a similar unit 600 kilometres away at Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto. The connection speed was 50 kb/s. [CBC Archives]

However, 1982 was when the term “Internet” was coined once the new Internet Protocols were made. Perhaps that is what they meant when they say the internet is 25 years old January 1st. 2008?

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) established as system by which different networks can communicate. These linked networks come to be known as the internet. [CBC Archives]

I guess it is on how you look at it? Kind of like the tellephone, when the first words were broadcast, over top of, the first switch-board? Maybe it is all semantics…

But I love the 1969 UCLA story the best:

The first message was supposed to be the word “login,” but the system crashed as they typed in the letter “g.” The first message, then, was “lo.” Although it was a bumpy – if not prophetic – beginning, the researchers were able to complete the message one hour later. [CBC Archives]

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