GOLD! :)

All right, for all those who bought gold, invested in it, and have some stuffed away somewhere, raise your hand. OK, now for those who wish they had a few ounces right now, you raise your hand? Now, if you are going to be one of those people whose going to “hawk” their jewellery because of the record breaking prices today, go on, get what you can–you might as well–I’ll be here when you get back?

Yesterday, and today are kind of special days for me because I waited a long time for this to happen. Seeing Gold break the 1980 record is truly a awe-inspiring event. I remember talking to friends way back in 2003 when Gold was but a teeny-weeny fraction of what it is today, saying that it would come to this. Yes, five years ago, I took the advice of my Sociologist Professor, Mr. R. Floyd, who talked about inflation and how we are living in a “False” economy, an economy that is based on credit and debt. He stated, based on facts, that Gold is the only currency in the world that has held its value throughout time. But what makes Gold special is that it is both a commodity and currency at the same time, making it very durable against inflation.

Some Gold facts. Gold is currently sitting at $865.50 US/per OZ. The Canadian Dollar is trading against the US Green-Back at 1.0029CAD = 1 US. It was way back in January of 1980 that Gold climbed up, almost hitting the $860.00 barrier. We are truly seeing some history unfolding today as records are being broken in many areas of the global economy. For more information about current Gold trading, please go to KITCO.COM. This is where I keep up-to-date on my Gold trading.

Yes, nothing like a little Gold Fever to get the blood flowing, eh? The above photo is of 10 Canadian Maple-leaf one ounce Gold Coins, bought in 2004 at around $250.00 per coin. So basically there is a net worth value of almost $9000.00 sitting there today. And of course, this is a 325 percent return investment if I were to sell today 😉 . So for all those who sat around thinking about buying Gold, I guess hindsight is 20/20, eh?

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