A Golden Moment for January

We had storm number “8,” I think–I sort of lost count. This is the same weather system that has just hit California and Arizona with all that snow, rain and winds. The power was out at my work yesterday, and because of that all of our computers, including the telephones, were down. It was rough dealing with people who wanted information, or inquire about general items, as all I could was take down notes and promise to work on them during the regular work week. The stack of paper is getting very thick! I hate it when the power goes out–just hate it.

I have had a couple of responses regarding my last post on the topic of Gold. So I will post one of the Kitco.com Charts that shows the current price, the exchange rate in Canadian dollars for Gold as it bounces back and forth in the markets. Oh, the chart is “live.”

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

I am not surprised that everyone is acting the way they are when something like this happens. I talked to two of my friends who say that they will consider selling off some jewellery if the prices stay as high as they are. Sadly, because it is jewellery, you will not get anything close to what the markets are saying, simply because the markets are selling in pure Gold, or coins, as opposed to ornaments that have additives and impurities in them. But you should see a noticeable increase in the price when you shop for a ring for that special someone! Yeah, even cultural love traditions are getting more expensive.

This golden moment was brought to you by me at www.thomasso.com. Buy, buy, bye!

2 Thoughts on “A Golden Moment for January

  1. Diane Toulmin on Sunday, January 6th, 2008 at 5:53 pm said:

    Yeah, I thought that was an interesting blog on gold. You never fail to illuminate, Tom. I have never minded being a fool for love, but now to find out that I am a fool without the gold…is too cruel!

  2. Well, then there are diamonds–a girls best friend, the Holly-weird’s Marilyn Monroe line goes. Now, if you want the real treat, platinum is the metal of choice, trading at a whopping $1540.00 per OZ.

    A friend of mine, who is East Indian, is getting “hitched” in about a month, and his wedding jewellery will cost him a cool $21,000.00 Bank Loan! Apparently Gold is a must for a East Indian Wedding–lots of it!

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