On the First Day of Class, my Syllabus said to me:

The first day of the semester went very well. I told myself, “self, we are going to take it easy, not rush, and we are going to start the term off with no stress.” So I drove, taking my time, probably pissing-off a few motorist as I did the speed-limit and followed all traffic rules. When I approached the campus parking lot, I figured that I would take my time, park at the first convenient spot I see. Well, there were so many available parking spaces, I thought that maybe classes were cancelled–nope, I was on time with minutes to spare. Then there is the “buying of the textbooks,” ceremony that takes place, where you stand in a line-up, usually starting way out in the court yard, and this being January, “Burrrrrrr” is the top ten used word in conversations. Miraculously I stood in the line-up and was inside purchasing my textbook, all within 15 minutes! How is that for having a stress free start!

OK, so the first class is called “Qualitative Research Methods,” or CRIM3104 went rather well. So far so good. I had only one fellow student that I shared a class with from last semester, so I have at least one familiar face in the crowd. The course syllabus is chocked full of goodness and delight: yes I’m being sarcastic. There is a research paper, involving collecting data and presenting it, plus a paper in it too. Oh joy! the Prof seems great, very talkative, so hopefully the course hums along nicely–at least I am hoping.

Oh, a syllabus is just the course out-line, broken down into the daily activities. You will probably only use this word in College or University, as I cannot see high school students or other areas of post secondary education using this terminology? It is all semantics because “courseĀ  outline” works just as well.

Gee, I guess I have some homework to do. TTYL!

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