The Pay Phones are Missing?

Three weeks ago I was driving to work early in the morning and I notice a piece of a red car fender laying on the grass beside the fence that once stood a pay-phone. A concrete garbage bid also lay on its side, and beside that on the ground the wires that once connected the phone to the phone-lines were dangling out from the post that supported it. It was so obvious that it was a hit-and-run, stealing the phone for its coins. Life went on….

Yesterday I notice yet another location that once stood a pay-phone, same as that one before, though this time this phone was getting repaired, but the same signs–missing phone–another hit and run. This one was in front of the gas station, and like the one in front of the community centre, it is used a lot. However, earlier last summer there were once two pay phones located by the IGA market that had been pillaged for their money, but they were never replaced. It was something that I even forgot about soon afterwords because I never really walk there that often, so I paid it little attention.

The population of pay-phones in Fort Langley is looking dismal. I even fear saying the location of the existing pay-phones here on the blog just in case some would-be pay-phone thief reads this and is searched for new loot! Not in my back yard buddy!

I know in Vancouver pay-phones are next to impossible to find, probably for the same reason as to what is happening here, but the convenience of having public phones is nice, even with the proliferation of the cell phones having a public phone could be a life saver if your cell died? I even use the pay-phones from time to time, so I can vouch for their usefulness. But current society attitudes may have to face the reality that having public pay-phones maybe a by-gone era as thieves pillage them one by one for their coins.

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