To Spit Upon the Green

The farmer, the backbone of our modern culture, and perhaps the cornerstone of the modern evolution of mankind. When humans stepped out from the caves and gave up the nomadic lifestyle, our success as a species surpassed anything before it because agriculture set the stage for communities and permanent settlements and then cities, pollution, business, garbage, cars, roads, bridges, war……you get the picture. Fast forward to today.

I’m at the store buying some food, grown by farmers. Two ladies with baby carriages are in front of me waiting at the checkout line. They were clearly amused at something. They made rude remarks about the smell of something and pretended that they were swatting flies in the air–there were no flies, but it was annoying to me. I looked ahead of them to see a short man with coveralls on wearing an old beaten baseball cap and gum-boots. He stood there minding is own business, totally ignoring the two idiots behind him-he had Will power to stand there and say nothing.

The two ladies kept up their verbal assault, saying phrases like, “Pig Farmer!” and “Shit Handler.” Yes, two grown women, mothers, with their children, saying such filth. It was hard for me to stand there and watch this–I interjected!

“You two should be ashamed of yourselves–saying such…” I was cut off by the bombardment of “shut your face, Keep you nose to yourself,” and my favourite, “Fuck you Ass hole.”

I looked at the cashier of whom I have known for over 15 years, and she stepped out from behind the booth and told the ladies that if they did not apologize to the man that she would asked them to leave. They stubbornly refused and threw their bags of food down and walked out of the store, of course swearing. Nothing like feeling two centimetres tall!

Funny now that I think about it, I mean the whole concept of that farmer who grows the food, then he goes to market to sell it, and then the working class buys it and consumes it, and then the whole cycle starts all over again. The two women, as the Bourgeois, the “wannabe elite-class” insaulting the farmer, the provider, the working class or proletarians, seems a little familiar to me–like a story I read sometime before. Yes, the story about the rural land being sucked up by the suburbs, and people living beside the farmer’s fields–who object to the smell of fresh manure being spread over the dirt to start another crop for next year. Oh these foolish women, if they could only see passed the end of their ignorance, that they would know that it was the farmer who made us what we are today.

One Thought on “To Spit Upon the Green

  1. Diane Toulmin on Sunday, January 20th, 2008 at 3:03 pm said:

    Way to go, Tom! Your speaking up didn’t result in a Hollywood ending, but that is so right on, that you and the cashier did the right thing. Let those two ignoramuses go home and in the dead of night, hopefully be disturbed by the pricking of their conscience. Doubt it, but one can hope.
    I’m proud you’re my friend. I like your style!

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