Carbon Tax: The Next Morning

As I sit back after a good nights sleep from hearing the throne speech of the British Columbia Liberals’ Budget, it all starts to sink in as what will happen to BC’er’s once the “cow-pie” had fallen back down to Earth. At first I prepared for the worst–huge, unfair tax hikes that only benefited the wealthy and screw the poor, and a drastic change in life style that I have seen in some Hollywood flick. Well, none of that will happen from the numbers that I have seen in the budget. I believe that because of the small increase at the gas pumps, and the deduction on our Income tax, it all cancels everything out–and will inflate, or add to the cost of living between now and 2012 as a secondary effect.

I know from my place of work, due to the nature of our business, our reliance on vehicles will greatly be affect by the price hike at the pumps, so naturally this cost will be passed directly onto the consumer. Gas is already on its way up due to the another serge in oil prices, so it is only going to get worse over the next few months. Perhaps the $2.00 pre Litre days are very close, like in a few months? As for the tax rebates, well again, how will that be doled out? For those of us who use fossil fuels to heat our homes with I guess the only logical choice would be to go back to a wood burning system for our winter heat source because the rebait (note the spelling) will only pay for a wheelbarrow to haul the wood back to the house?

I just do not think that the government went far enough to develop a greener future for us all. Carbon taxes seem to soft and have little weight to a society that is willing to maintain its current reliance on fossil fuels. As money flows freely from continued stripping of natural resources and cheep sources of energy, people are still going to show their status symbols by driving SUVs and living in monster homes. In my opinion, government should regulate, restrict and limit general aspects of our material usage at a unilateral level–for everyone. For example, limit and restrict engines sizes in vehicles–say up to 80 Hp 2.5 litre max–no more SUVs! This will not only reduce carbon emissions, but high-speed accidents and street racing. Scale back and reduce what can be taken out of the ground that the resource based industry makes their billions of dollars from, in other words, place a cap. A limit on tree cutting and mining, in other words, only a set amount of trees can be harvested, and a set volume of oil pumped out of the ground on a annual time-table. Sure Banks and businesses are going to cry to blues, but if you want to reduce pollution you got to draw the line! Perhaps our economic system needs to be redrawn…. eh?

Just remember also that cow-pie contains carbon too!


I almost forgot! Tonight is “Red Moon” night or Total Lunar Eclipse time as the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon. All this should take place well before sunset for us on the West Coast of North America, but the eclipse will start at 8:40pm Eastern. As the Sun sets, the moon will slowly turn red as the Earth’s shadow passes across the surface. Because of the size different between the Earth and the Moon, the Moon does not completely go dark because light will still spill across lunar surface, making the red blood colour. Don’t worry if you think you’ll miss it–the whole event will take over four hours from start to finish. So look East–you’ll get mooned! Ha!

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