It was Just a Mistake….

I have been riding a roller-coaster of emotions for the last 48 hours all due to one mark that I had received through the College’s on-line web site listing that grade as a fail from a mid-term written last week. It was like getting the wind knocked out of my sails when I read the final total, a mark putting me below a passing grade at the academic level. I carried on through the day with my head hung low–in personal defeat–in a state of disbelief. For a class that I figured I was doing expectationally well in, seeing this mark was a shock, especially after logging in many hours of study time and seven weeks of lectures up until that point, I knew something was not quite right?

When I went into class, we had to go through one hour of lecture, some class presentations and then a break before we got to reviewing the exam it self. We got the exam handed back, and then the prof started the review by going over the questions, giving us the chance to review, making sure that we at least understand the questions that we had difficulties with. There, on the face of the booklet was my mark, a mark of a C. It stuck out like a strobe light, flashing–fail, fail, fail…. When we got towards the last section of the questions, I noticed something odd, there was no “red ink” on the remaining pages. I was not sure why? Perhaps these answers were all incorrect and the prof never bothered to circle the problematic areas that I incorrectly scribed?

As the prof went through the pages that were unmarked, the answers that I spewed out were almost verbatim as to what was being read out in the class. It hit me with a huge sigh of relief–these pages were overlooked–unmarked–there is hope–I’m not a complete idiot!

Almost a third of the marks on the exam were left out because of the error. The readjustment puts me back into the game. I left the class happy, but tormented because of the error. The prof said that this is the reason for having the in class review, to catch errors and argue for readjustments on marks. I said that I was not upset about it, just concerned that I had fallen so far when throughout the course I was riding an A average. My final mark puts me back into the A average–I’m now happy once again–just lost a pound due to sweating with the stress of it all.

Now, I do believe that I have a paper to work on that is due next week…. This is one long tunnel!

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