Oh-no: It’s Snowing Out!

Yup, it’s true. As I type this out, big fat fluffy white snow flakes, mixed with rain, are falling from the sky. Like any of us wanted this? So, what happened to spring? Sheesh, this weather is messed up. Solid rain should be falling up in the mountains, not down here in the valley.

This is depressing weather. March is not a great month for outside fun stuff.

2 Thoughts on “Oh-no: It’s Snowing Out!


    It snowed in Sooke today to. flakes the size of golf balls!!!!! One minute it would be rain, the next snow and then the sun would pop out and then it would start all over again. Glad to see that you are still blogging. Do you look at your e-mails?

  2. Hey Julia,

    Of course I look at my emails! I’ve always replied to them. It’s just I spend a lot of time waiting for replies, he he he.

    Yes, this weather is just stupid. I don’t know if I should wear three sweaters or a t-shirt. I gave up on packing an umbrella around because of the forgetfulness I have with them. Better just to bear the wet I guess.

    I’m glad you liked the Spring Video. I had a lot of fun making it. I should do one on “Snow In March” instead of spring next time? Anyway, you are always welcome to look around and keep up to date here on my blog.


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