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The stress-o-meter is climbing into the high level again now that the clock is running on the countdown till the end of the semester. One more week to go until the last class–two for my Monday class, then finals. Oh joy–finals! Until then, I have two huge final projects to get handed in before then, and a bunch of small exams, or quizzes, that help profs avoid having no final exams after the last class.

I am so happy that the days are starting to warm up. I felt I was getting ill from the endless days of cool temperatures. I thought I had caught some bug or virus, but I’m hearing a lot other people experiencing the same thing as this gloomy spring season starts off. The couple of sunny days last week really helped with work and other chores, but everything came screeching back to normal when the grey sky reappeared. Back to normal for the weekend, right up until Tuesdays, the weather channel says.

The news has being on my mind for the last four or five days with the release of the video tape exposed by the New Democratic Party from Saskatchewan. The 17 year old Progressive Conservative Party “home movie” style video is a shock to see and hear. Obviously the tape was never intended for public viewing, but the homophobic and racial slurs throughout the tape has set off huge debate about the main actors today who now occupy both the provincial and federal seats of government. Remember that is was the Conservatives who left the tape behind when the NDP moved into the “opposition offices” at the Saskatchewan parliament building.

I had thought about linking the You-Tube video of Tom Lukiwski giving his analysis of homosexual people, but I couldn’t do it. It was so offensive that I just couldn’t link it here after watching it–it was that bad. However I do encourage people to see for themselves, and be their own judge because it exposes us to the realities of our leaders thoughts and their backgrounds. No matter what political spectrum or ideology you sit on, these types of hate acts are damaging and must be dealt within my opinion. Perhaps punishing these people under our criminal code may be too harsh, but as far as their public trust goes, they should relinquish themselves out from public office at the very least.

[CBC seems to have taken the video off from their web site. Probably due to legal reasons. However, you can still see portions of it on You-Tube by typing in Tom Lukiwski ]

I took the time to watch the entire 29 minutes of video from the CBC’s web site, and saw so many other issues that the media seemed to over look, and I wanted to take a deeper look to see the differences from then and now. I saw how the relationships in the working environment between the Males and Females seemed segregated compared to where I work today–although we are still not 100 percent free from gender bias today. Several times throughout the video I saw women giving their opinions, then suddenly cut off as the men spoke, but in every time the women stopped talking, or digressed. Sexist remarks and sexual groping seemed to be tolerable during this time period from what I saw on the video. Seeing people smoking cigarettes at their desks was a shock too–and the drinking of alcohol, in what seems to be in public view! But the language was very thick and vulgar, comparing it to what I would find on the streets or with a group of adolescents. But then the homophobic and racial slurs pop up.

I think people should be very aware of what they say, especially when a video camera is pointed at them. The question of whether someone should be punished for something they said decades before (in this case 1991) is a relevant issue here today. Our laws battle with these issues all the time, and standards of conducts very constantly. Would the prosecution of racial and hate comments warrant an criminal investigation in this case? Should latitude be given to the politicians who are exposed in this video tape? Perhaps this sets the bar of values in our society today, how far should we tolerate this conduct and by whom? Perhaps not all is cut and dry under the legal microscope?

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