The Latest InkScape: Very Cool Indeed!

I just updated my InkScape software this morning and was tinkering around with it a little earlier on today, and I have to say, the new features are awesome. I do a lot of “non-profit” graphic art, and I depend on vector graphic programs when doing captions on video, Power Point Presentation and the odd web site. So when a program like InkScape comes along, I have nothing but praise for the hard work and dedication of keeping such a great tool alive in the Open Source community. Yes, even you Window$ people can use it too!

The latest release, version number 0.46, comes with a 3D-Cube button and Fill tool, and more…. The list of changes and improvements is long, and you can see them here: ReleaseNotes046.

Combined with a drawing tablet, InkScape is a wonderful program, and the results I get with it are way better than some of the commercial products that I have used in the past. In fact, I would rank InkScape just as good, if not better, than all of the commercial software that I have used. InkScape rarely crashes my machine, and it allows way better memory usage and control, especially when working on poster size images. But best of all–it is free!

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