All the Coffee Was Gone

Yesterday was the last class for the term. It was cut short with only a one hour lecture and the submitting of our term papers. Everyone in that class was tired. I thought I was one of the few who stayed up all night retyping and organizing everything on the assignments, but I found out everyone did the same thing. The class looked like a bunch of people who had the Freddy Krueger Dream and were barely alive to talk about it. With very strict guidelines such as 10 percent deducted off for every hour the paper was late, there were at least four students late. One I met running across the court-yard as fast as he could with the tell-tail 2 centimetre thick research paper in his hand, saying, “I slept in.”

During class, I could tell that even the prof was tired. She went off to get coffee after lecturing for the first half hour, and she came right back, not even gone for two minutes, saying that all the coffee was gone from the student cafeteria. These were desperate times for us all. When I got my monster 18 once coffee, they ran out of lids, so walking up the stairs to the third floor was interesting. It was interesting because I had the super-thick research paper with paraphernalia, and a laptop, all hanging off from me from both arms. But I made it with not one drop of the precious black nectar spilt. Coffee was a hot commodity yesterday.

I felt good having completed all the assignments, and meeting the deadlines. I feel sorry for the prof who now has to mark all those papers in just one week. And on top of that, we still have finals slated for next week, so the hell-fire is not quite over yet. But the course was huge in terms of the volume of writing that was involved. I’m starting to see a connection as to why the junior instructors get these courses to teach–the marking must be just as bad as doing the assignments themselves.

Today I’m off in la-la-land, not planning on doing anything requiring too much thinking. It is “lets get the pay cheque day” today and buy some essentials–that’s it. So I may hang around the house today and watch the world from my living room window, or play on the computer. Either way, I’m not putting any pressure on my poor-hurt’n brain; I’m just doing nothing.

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