The Jumping Jane Animation Short Film

I just posted it up on You-Tube this morning, and I’m pleased that the quality turned out good. This animation was made about five months ago, but I wanted to add a voice over to it, so I waited until I bought a studio microphone before I did anything more with it. I purchased a Samson C01U USB Studio Condenser microphone in Langley City for less than $100.00, a sweet deal if I say so… But the funny thing about the voice over was that I ended up going with a pitch-shifter effect anyway–kids love funny voices. So I sound like I’m breathing helium.

The animation was made with an open source program called SynFig that is a 2D cartoon animation drawing and animation suite, runs on jut about any platform. The total time it took to create the short film, including story board, graphics and rendering, was about six hours. Only the voice-over was put on hold until a proper microphone was found. And the audio quality turned out great–the mix of sound effects to voice-over is very clear. Anyway, enjoy the film.


Behind the scenes: This film is me poking fun at my niece whose nick name is Jane. The purple shirt, loves to jump, and determination are all her traits. The setting of this film is somewhere in Vancouver, BC, on Jarvis Street. The Space Junk hit somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and it was the Canadian Space Agency who made the miscalculation that the space junk would hit Jarvis Street. Jane is still jumping, but now lives somewhere on Vancouver Island.

One Thought on “The Jumping Jane Animation Short Film

  1. Are you serious? Did the Canadian Space Agency REALLY predict that? Is this true or am I really that gullible?

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