I bought Shorts and T-Shirts, But….

I did some cloth shopping on Thursday to have a, as the girls say, a new wardrobe for spring and summer, but when I got everything home, it was getting so damn cool out that I grabbed my winter jacket and wore that instead. Yesterday morning there was snowflakes mixed in with rain and at one point the air was white with sleet sticking to everything, and today there was snow on the ground in some parts. All of a sudden it was January again!

I listen to the news cast last night saying that we need to prepare for flurries and wind in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island area, or much of Southern British Columbia. When I went into work this morning the radio said that Burnaby and other parts of the Fraser valley were experiencing power outages from the wind. When I got into Surrey, there was snow on the ground everywhere! Snow…. about 2 to 3 cm!

I talked to one of my co-workers on the phone this morning, who is currently in Victoria, saying that Duke Point (Ferry Terminal) and surrounding areas have over a 30 cm of snow on the ground. He said that the bumper on his car was touching the snow–granted he has a little Honda.

Here in Fort Langley, it is just cool with lots of wind. The smell in the air is wintry. There was ice on my wind shield this morning, of which I had to blow the dust off from my snow and ice brush to scrape off the ice, but other than that you have assumed that it was a nice spring day. But currently it is clear and sunny–except for the odd gust of wind. You need a winter jack on.

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