Before the Big Write

One more sleep. One more sleep until tomorrow when the finals start. One more sleep until all the stuff floating around inside my head must be released and regurgitated back onto the pages in the room from which it I first learned it.

Right now I have no feeling inside my head. I cannot add any more to it in fear of losing vital knowledge important to any one of the up coming exams. I can not watch TV or listen to the radio because they add to the stress and anxiety of the up coming marathons of writing. It never fails, even after writing dozens of these exams, they all have there toll–the same patterns of expected performance vrs failure of defeat.

I found that same day studying is pointless and adds only to the confusion. But the moments just before the clock starts you need to do something, or at least pretend to do something. One of the girls in my Language class does needle point. It is both repetitive and productive, but I never took up needle point, I guess I never really touched my feminine side–although I am not saying needle point is a girly thing…, wait, yes I am. Another person, of whom I admire, does speed Tetris on her PDA. She said it is the only way to get her fingers and brain limbered up before a three hour exam. Then there are the walkers, pacers and mumblers, all of which are annoying and add to my stress and anxiety, but I can only sympathize because of the pending doom ahead.

I found that a good size wheel of pizza does the trick the night before. Sure it play havoc on your calorie count, and maybe considered a disorder due to stress, but who cares of you do not plan on writing exams for the rest of your life. Also, a good jug of Root Beer. Everyone has there own little stress reliever, you just need to find yours. Maybe that is half the battle of writing exams, finding that right balance of pre / post exam preparedness?

Will all this pizza and Root Beer add more positive marks to my up coming exam? Probably not. But at least I’m happy and positive before writing them, and maybe, just maybe that will pay off in an percentage point or two better than with out. As for the walkers, pacers, and mumblers, I guess they need to relax and go with the flow: fight it or write it. But nothing in this whole world cannot replace good old studying. It is hard to write exams of this calibre without at least reading the textbook and attending some of the lectures, so you need to study–a lot.

Good luck to those who are writing this week and next!

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