Feeling Damn Good Right Now!

I’m feeling damn good right now, and “no” I am not on some drug induced high or root beer sugar rush, I am going over all the term papers, assays and projects from the just ended semester, and the marks are great. Some of the scores are very good and all the comments from the profs are positive. The pile of papers is huge, I would say about 600 to 700 pages including lecture notes, assignments and handouts, showing just how much work went into the term. My marks are looking great; however, I will not see any final grades posted until Thursday, so I am on pins and needles right now.

The best part of the last term has got to be the research project from my stats class in which I received a whopping 90.7 percent! I’m still in shock from that score. That makes this the highest scoring paper I have ever done in this degree program. Actually, I ran all the assignment marks through my calculator and laughing found out that I would pass the course with a good enough mark even if I had never written the final, and I would still receive a grade of B if I just got 50 percent on it. The final in this class was worth 20 percent of the overall grade.

But it is all over now. I can rest and relax. I have about three weeks until the whole process starts over again. Looking forward to that. No, really, I am….

Next semester, the summer term, I will embark upon the highest level of classes in the BA program that there is, the 4900 level class. Yup, if I am up to the challenge of mastering or doing a thesis, this is the class, the last fork in the road. This term, the class will be focusing on the worst of the worst of offences in our society, besides murder, which is sexual offenders. Tomorrow I am grabbing the textbook so I can get a head start on some reading. I know, I am sounding like a keener, but I like doing what I am doing.

So I am feeling good right now. All that work paid off. I have my languages and three-quarters of my stats and research classes completed, so that makes the last leg of my journey a little bit nicer–except for the French classes. So three weeks! What to do….

One Thought on “Feeling Damn Good Right Now!

  1. Wow! Congratulations Tom! What a success. Keep a goin’.

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