Deconstruction and Construction, it’s a Whirlwind of Activity Around Here

Not only is it spring, and cool one at that, but that other types of change other than growth and “Birds and the Bees” stuff is happening too, like the construction of a record number of home being built, and the long anticipated demolition of the old fire hall building along 96th Street. Everywhere I look I see people feverishly building and rebuild, renovating and removing the old with the new. There is a house across the road where the new owner, who bought the house just a few months ago, is completely stripping the insides of it, probably tearing out a few walls too?

While the United States of America’s television broadcasts economic collapse and misfortune, that certainly is in contrast to Western Canada’s current state of being. Houses are still being bought and sold, and people I am told are still buying their SUVs at a steady pace, despite the cost of fuel and the new Carbon Tax around the corner, so all seems rosy in retrospect.

But this change seems way out of place, like it is happening way to fast when I look back in my lifetime. I wonder if we are fooling ourselves, like our neighbours to the South, are we also pushing the envelope of economic prosperity with market greed and gluttony as we borrow our fortunes just to buy a home to live in? I have never seen this type of growth before, and when I talk to people who are a generation older then me, they say this boom is unprecedented compared to what they have seen in their lifetime.

So I walk around Fort Langley, searching for all the new renovations, demolitions and rebuilding that is going on, and I can only admire the change. New stuff is always nice to see. It is pleasing to the eye. As the leaves blossom, so does the spring fever–the building and clean-up frenzy that is, not the birds and bees. I think the birds and bees left town to get away from noise of all this construction?

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