Summer: A Light Workload for This Term

Just finished my last class of the week, my Thursday class, Crim 3249: Issues In Youth Justice, and so far everything looks good as far as the work-load and good class material goes. With only two classes this semester the summer is going to be quite manageable. I like manageable. Summer is quite nice with less students, freed up parking, and lots of places for quite study time.

My pet peaves are going to be the usual gripes about my classes. I was really hoping that upper level classes would fore-go the routine introductory pleasantries that profs like to do with their students. The majority of instructors like to play the “introduction game,” where they start at one side of the classroom and the first student says their name, and then the next has to repeat the previous student’s name in the same order as they started, then theirs, and then onto the next poor person after them. I think it’s a waste of valuable time in my humble opinion. At the end of the term I will know most of students because I know over half them already. I like those instructors who use the true and tried method of doing roll call–it’s faster, less intrusive and more productive. Also, I like the idea of placing a name tag on the desk until the prof get more familiar–it really works guys, try it.

With only eight papers, five mid terms and two finals, this semester is going to be quite relaxing than the last semester. I miss the little five paper assignments. I miss the short exams and little three page overviews. And just when it couldn’t get any better, one of my instructors, a Phd student, will post Power-Point Presentations days before the class so we can just take notes instead of translating lectures Watching the presentation on-top of note-taking. I really think students gain more insight when they can focus on what is being said rather then feverishly multi tasking notes, presentation, and lectures all at the same time. This is where the Old School teachers fall because a lot of what they do using these methods of multi-tasking teaching methods is lost inside the classroom. We are paying good money–I want the goods, not some pre-dated old school instructor who believes we should be using “slate and chock” for our notes.

I think I am off to a good start. I’ve already done most of my readings. I have done a first draft on my first paper already and I’m focusing on week two letures and assigments.

2 Thoughts on “Summer: A Light Workload for This Term

  1. i like taking roll
    i can see doing intro once
    but taking roll is absolutely essential to learning their names (for me)
    it’s such a great day when you can stare at the roll call and just tick off who’s there without asking…it’s great!!!

    of course remembering their names after that class semester is done…hmmmm….

  2. I guess it really depends on what side of the desk you are on?

    I live through them, but never look forward to it. I like classes when the instructor just goes down the list of names and marks who ever off from it. But because most of my instructors are MA Psychology majors, they think they are on the cutting edge.

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