Weeds Indeed

Wow–summer, or is it? Hard to tell. I’m sitting outside with the laptop, just barely outside of the range of my router’s signal, enjoying the incredible weather. It is hot–for someone who has lived with very cool weather for the last six months, this is a oven. I think anyone who lives further South than 49 degrees latitude could never possibly understand us folks who live “North.”

Weeds to the Sky!

Most of my neighbours took off. They probably went out to the lake with their kids, or somewhere where the family can enjoy the sun–so it’s quite. Just the birds, squirrels and trains. It is nice. Hard to do any homework though–the thought of just doing a “bake,” getting a golden tan going is very close to becoming a sure thing. But I burn easy….

Too bad the long weekend will end with rain! Fort Langley is having its annual parade–the May Day Parade on the 19th. I think it’s the 80th one. And because British Columbia is celebrating its 150th birthday, the parade is going to follow the normal route, but run backwards, starting at the Lion’s Hall and then ending up at the “Fort-Museum.” If the weather is reasonable I’m taking the camera with me.

Correction: I now think Fort Langely is having it’s 86th anual Mayday Parade. It is a poor turn out due to the cool-drillizy weather. I stayed at home during the event.

2 Thoughts on “Weeds Indeed

  1. This was actually yes, an unusually awesome weekend. But the clouds are back. Can you send them away, please?

  2. I wish I could. I think the weather Gods got our order mixed up?

    Someone will have to put in a new requisition for Sun for the next five months.

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