The State of the Fraser River

I am in awe at the dynamics of nature, how the weather changes from record breaking heat for mid May, to almost record rain falls in the same seven days. Equally so, the Fraser River is up to its near flood-like levels, although I’m not hearing that much about it from the media, someone must be looking at it. I guess the factors playing out up stream are not that much of a threat for the river to suddenly over flow it’s banks? Maybe when more hot weather comes along that will change.

So I decided to take some photos along the river just to see how far the water needs to go before there is a flood alert. The above image is the Brea Island entrance if you just came off from the Albion Ferry.

This image is looking across the tracks at the new Bedford Housing development, not to far from where I live. Note the distance that these homes are to the tracks–very noisy when the train blows it’s horn at the Glover Road crossing. But if you want to live in Fort Langley, it’s a small price–right!

The Fort Langley Rowing Club’s dock taken from the Bridge at Glover Road.

Why did I take this photo? Well, last summer the flood waters crested right at the top, or highest bar on the metal frame. Today, around 4:00pm, the water is only 2 1/2 feet or 50 cm from that point. I say we are getting close to that mark again?

Some rain damage from the night before.

That’s it for todays photo tour of my walk along the river in Fort Langley. I hope the rest of the week warms again becuase I sure was starting to get used to those two days we had last week of 30c weather. I can’t say we need the rain, but we got it anyways.

5 Thoughts on “The State of the Fraser River

  1. Hi Tom – I was either right in front of you, or right behind you, looking at these same things.
    Great clouds…
    Your neighbour, diane.

  2. Hey Thomasso.

    I remember watching those places get built and wondered who the hell would want to live there.


  3. *Diane: I was going to check in the Adobe Grill to see if you were in there, but they appeared closed when I walked by. Yes, the clouds were very “wilded” looking that day. They would be better with the sun reflecting off of them..

    *Roger: I am continually asking that question myself. Everyone knows that it is on a flood plane, and the risks are good of having their basements flooded–they know that, we know that, but the cry for housing in such a unique town trumps all other reasoning. My thoughts, anyway? Crazy!

  4. Great photos. I *still* have to venture down to Langley. I’ll have to tell Rebecca if she wants to go do the day trip.

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