Sunsets to a Girl Named Luna

It has being a weird day for me. I went on a writing spree and did two weeks worth of homework (midterm papers) in five hours, and for whatever reason, I had so much inspiration that my “A” key flicked off of my keyboard just as I was racing to get my thoughts spelled out over a huge point. I had so many ideas that I went into writing frenzy and managed to come up with a rough draft that I may need to edit down instead of adding to later. That usually never happens to me with such dry subject matter because I usually, always, end up spending so much time adding to these damn papers that I have done from past classes, that they just barely get done on the due dates.

Anyway, I was sitting at the computer, trying to fasten my “A” key back to my keyboard when I looked up through my window and saw the really neat looking sunset. I dropped everything and grabbed my cheap little “point and shoot” camera and ran outside.

These are some interesting colours through the could formations. I should have used the SLR for this, but it takes so long to set up and start shooting. It got dark very fast after I took this.

Earlier on today I ran across this YouTube video that just killed me. I never laughed so hard in, well, at least two days. When she mentioned the Velvet Elvis in Oshawa, I just about died–I used to live in Oshawa Ontario–I have some memories too–not so bad as Luna’s, but they were memorable ones…. Heh Heh Heh She seem to fit the Southern Ontario Chick persona–for me anyway. With the appropriate name, Luna, she cracks me up.


Judging by the hit count on her YouTube videos, and yes she has made many, Luna is very popular.

Well, must get back to fixing the “A” key on this cheap keyboard of mine. My left pinky slips whenever I need to use the “A” key, so I think it is now a proitity to get it fixed. I think Keyboard shopping is going to be scheduled within the next day or so–one with good “springy” keys with good bounce.

One Thought on “Sunsets to a Girl Named Luna

  1. Hi Tom – Canadians cannot live without an Eh. I’ve got a couple of keyboards here if you want them.
    Cheers, diane.

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