Update: Roll’n on the River

Summer like weather has returned. Again, I walked over to the river to see how much more it went up, and, and, and, it seems to have risen a whole 30cm, (1 foot) in the last 48 hours since I was last there. With today being so hot, and if we get a few more days like this, I’m sure the water is going to go up a bit more. It has only stopped people from suntanning on the beach, the boaters are having the time of their lives on it as the brown gungy water is not scaring them away. There were two water-skiers when I left.

Now compare this photo with the one I took two days ago. Click Here, or scrole down two posts/entries to see the earilr photo of the same location.

[Added] Like the May 22, 2008 photos, I took them at High tide–slack, so today at 1:00pm, the tide was coming down from high tide at 11:45am. The tides seem to vary by about 30/25cm at this point along the river. Mission, BC (or Mission Bridge) is the tidal limit along the Fraser River, so I chose carefully when I take these photos.

The rest of Fort Langley is normal. Everyone, it seems, has decided to come over for a visit. The streets are full, the shops are bursting with people, and I saw a full scale wedding taking place. Yes, Fort Langley is the place to tie the knot! The poor bride, she did not seem to mind wearing a ten pound garment for the event in the glaring sun, thought the groom looked like he was going to passout.

In all, it was a very nice day.

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