Want to Buy a Gas Guzzler Now?

Is it not funny how all of a sudden the charisma of owning a SUV with 200 horse power with a ten cylinder engine is no longer in vogue? All those who bought their dream vehicles that emulated the façade of wealth and dominance has now taken a back to seat to the small, “girly” hybrid vehicle, that uses fifty percent less gas, and is half the mass. Is it also not funny that sales are causing the big three manufactures to close some of their factories because sales just plummeted in the last three months because of the sudden increased in oil prices?

Sure, I hear the people saying that safety is one of the main reasons of why they choose to buy the gas guzzler in the first place, but they also knew that fuel is a limited commodity and that one day it would be used up–depleted. But I also hear people saying that it is their right to own and drive their SUV. One of my friends claims that he found his beloved wife to be because of his SUV? I hope he doesn’t tell her that….

My friend who lives in Oshawa, Ontario, the place where the Canadian built vehicles are made, and where things just took a huge downturn over there because of the sudden consumer change in buying, said that times are a changing. Although he is not directly working in the auto manufacturing industry, the affect that it is having on the city is like “a black plague slowly blanketing the community” he told me. He does not know what sort of economic times are ahead.  We talked about General Motors and FORD switching over to making the “girly” cars, he calls them, but he said that it would take several months to switch over before they could start production. The biggest reason in the town that has everyone so worried is fear itself he told me. No one is taking any chances buying anything long term now. The Banks are only busy places because people are being very picky with their money now.

What I would like to see are people changing their attitudes towards their mode of transportation. Instead of everyone wanting the biggest, baddest SUV on the planet, people should focus on buying the latest greatest technology. I would rather hear someone boast about how they have the best hybrid car that only uses 10 litres of gas per month for their sixty Km/h commute, than how many birds they caught in their bumper-grill. That would be worthy of every economic class to hold bragging rights to fuel efficiency, eh?

But who am I to argue. I drive a vehical that is over twenty years old and has a 1.2 letre, four cylinder engine in it that cost less than sixty dollars to fill it from which I can almost make the entire month of driving to work with. I drive a “rice rocket,” as some of my freinds call it. But the Japanies were always ahead of the curve when it came down to vehicle performace and efficiency. American heavy metal just will not do now a days. Although North American gas is still not high enough for the complete change in attitude yet, I see it around the corner. Do you still want to buy that SUV?

2 Thoughts on “Want to Buy a Gas Guzzler Now?

  1. +1 on the “best available technology”, totally. It would be nice if the behavioral change was in the realm of actual better environmental practices, but until that happens, if we just got the best technology, we’d be better off.

    Great post 🙂

  2. Oh wait until the carbon tax kicks in, and when gas hits a $1.50 l, the attitude will be interesting to see and measure after that.

    I see little cars are starting to sell like hot-cakes, from a story I saw on the news yesterday. I bet those will go up in price now that everyone wants one. It is the free market economy is bad for the environment…..

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