Why So Cold—Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr????

This is sad. This morning when I went into work, and yes I do a Saturday pilgrimage–my choice, I saw my breath in the air. What–it’s June 7th for crying out loud! All week I have been wearing my fall jacket with long sleeve shirts. I heard on the news that we are breaking a 54 year old record for coolness while my relatives are baking in a full scale heat assault over in Ontario. It’s not fare??? Oh, wait–second thought, they can have the heat-wave.

We just did a huge data transfer because of the new policy from the college on research data. Now we must protect all data that is collected while we are off from campus property. This means that all data must now be archived and given at least some level of encryption, or password protected.

So like good egg-heads and geeks, we went into full encryption mode, first backing up all storage devices, then encrypting it back to disks while using the heaviest encryption we could afford time wise. It was a long and boring process while each data DVD was copied, scraped then re-burnt. We are not allowed to store any of the data on the mainframe so disks, flash and USB devices are our only means–even storing the data on our hard-drives is now a no no. Really, it’s that bad.

I often wondered why we are going through this fuss. I mean, sure, it’s people’s responses to research questions and they all signed a confidentially agreement–along with our promise to keep it confidential, but to go all out to full scale encryption? I’ve heard of paranoia before, but come on, Big Brother in Canada? Oh wait—second thought–no comment.

I was in shock today when I heard that CBC Teleivsion did not renew its contract with the owner of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song! I don’t know how they can even find anything that would come close to this theme music? I think it is ireplaceable. When I was in my high school band that was one of our anthums, a favourite to perform. Everyone knew that theme–even for those who did watch CBC Television on a regular bases–who had cable. I think that is our Canadain identity, an Icon for us becuase of how good the music is. Oh well, we will see what the contest produces for the next hockey season–it will be a very large shoe to fill!

2 Thoughts on “Why So Cold—Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr????

  1. Probably the result of some misguided policy from the Research Ethics Board (BREB) 🙂

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