Friday The 13th

I just could not pass up an opportunity to post on a Friday the 13th, I mean why not? Well, lets see, so much work, so little time, have so much to say. Damn, blogging can be tough with just a 24 hour day to work with.

So let me jump right in there with both feet and talk about Bill C-61. Yes, for all those who are happy with the Conservative Government’s proposed legislation, well, I hope you are dancing in the street. Once I cut through the Government’s Spin, and I do mean SPIN, the Criminologist jumped out of me. You see, I asked myself why we need more ways to invite Canadians into the Criminal Justice system. I can see little kids with their Ipods, being inspected by the RCMP, along with any other form of contraband, and then have the book throw at them. That was my 1984 Moment.

The Copyright law sounds really great, but could it be that effective with the way the Internet works? Come on. If they can’t stop Peer to Peer file sharing now, are they going to ever stop it with this new Bill? It all sounds great but what it means to me is that someone is going to need to continually check up on what you and me are uploading and downloading, at all times. The only way I see can this working is for the police to monitor all of us and our URLs. Great, the Attack ads never talked about this during the last election? How are we going to be policed?

The Internet is a buz with Bill C-61 talk. It has being a while since I seen so much activity geared towards one topic, and I think it is good. People need to be exposed to politics like this. This is healthy for Canadians because it get people involved. Hey, voter turnout may go up because of this…

Will Bill C-61 become law? Who knows. So far when the House of Commons goes through the process of creating laws, the watering down varies from session to session. Now it is up to the Liberals and Senate to pick thought this.

Of course there are some who are just are tickled pink, and there are some who are very happy that their issues are being addressed through this copyright legislation. Some publishing firms are probably delighted with the proposed Bill. I can understand the Music Corporations who are upset the Internet has stolen their profits away–or so they think…. And I can see the US Movie industry sitting back with a big smile on their faces, all hoping that illegal file sharing of their products will carry a stiffer penalty and get people back into the theatres. Might even slow it down some too?

Is my College/University Library going to suffer? I use a lot of reference material when writing papers, and it sometimes means that I need to photocopy pages from book and journals–will this end as we know it and put students at risk of violating and receiving a criminal convictions with $500.00 (or more) find?

I’m writing my MP. Although I never voted for the guy. I think he needs to hear from Canadains like me. He must know that there are more than just corporations in this country, there are also people in it too. Everyone that I have talked to since the Bill was persented two days ago thinks that this is a bad one. Not becuase it helps out the artists and companies that creat the content, but becasue it criminalizes most offences associated with cpoyright violations.

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  1. Good post 🙂

    I did write about this on my blog, I really think this C-61 sucks.

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