Wow, the Sun Came Out

It’s official, the sun is out in Fort Langley, BC! When I came back from work this afternoon I saw the Sun. In fact the down town area was buzzing with people enjoying the outdoor events, the street side vendors and the window shopper. There is more traffic in Fort Langley than at the By-Pass & Glover Road in Langley City when I drove through both areas.

There are a lot of people in town today. The sun just gets everyone out. Of course the summer garb is passé because of the return of fall, spring, winter, type weather, but now you can get the vitamin D thing going between the clouds.

But then there is driving through the town–that can be interesting–there are so many J-Walkers. And the cross walks are like playing Russian Roulette–you never know….ouch!

I had to make a left hand turn at that the Intersection of Glover Road and Mavis. It does have light, but only Glover Road has the light facing it. For the people travailing on Mavis, all they have are stop signs. So when it is busy and there is lots of traffic, when you want to turn onto Glover Road and the traffic stops, you take the opportunity to make your left hand turn but only need to stop, then go without any waiting. The problem is that this stopping of traffic could be due to a pedestrian using the cross-walk bottom to cross the street, so when you think you have a clear path to make your left-hand turn, you may take out a pedestrian too.

People driving just hate sitting while waiting at a crossroad or intersection. I can relate to someone taking the opportuniy to cross the road while there is a stoppage, or slowdown in traffic, but remember that there could be a person also crossing on foot. I know that this intersection (Glover and Mavis) is poorly set up for the amount of traffic it gets durring the weekend, but please, give the person a break when they are walking accross the road while the whilte signle light is on. You guys driving on Mavis (88 Avenue) can see the traffic signle too you know.

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