The Linux Hybrid Desktop

I thought I would juice up my desktop today, you know, add a little eyecandy to it because I like to change things around a little each time. No sense looking at the same picture day after day after day. I sometimes use one of the MACs in the Labs at the Computer Science classroom in G-Building on campus. When I found out that I could have the AWN (Avant Window Navigator) Docking bar on my Desktop, it was a must have. I really like the idea of the floating icons for docking than the traditional PC Desktop Menu look. So I have the Linux Hybrid Desktop working.

For Ubuntu, I would follow these instructions for the set-up because what is in the repositories does not have all the applets that are found here in these recompiled downloads. Also, you need to have the 3D Desktop, so a 3D Graphics card is a must. The Desktop will need a lot of RAM too, so don’t be surprised if it crashed because you only have 250MB–I warned you.

Some of the applets are very cool, such as the weather applet which not only displays the weather in real time, but it also shows you a five day forecast too.

All the Icons are animated and you have settings for 3D, Bounce and Glow, plus more. And you can change colour, reflection and size of the background bar.  I can see some room for improvements; like it would be neat to have the bar sit at the top of the Desktop, but for now you only have the option of having it at the bottom of your screen for now. I’m keeping my ear to the ground for new up dates.

I should start doing some homework before it’s due next class, in about 24 hours…. But the Desktop looks neat!

3 Thoughts on “The Linux Hybrid Desktop

  1. Maybe at WordCamp you could show me how to use Ubuntu? 😉

  2. That could be a do-a-ble thing. Could also be a workshop unto itself too?

  3. UbuntuCamp, FTW!

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