A Mid Semester Crunch

The Mid Semester Crunch is upon us now and the nice quiet world of “la-de-dha” is now broken with thoughts of panic-shrieks, hysterical laughter, uncontrolled pacing, sleep deprivation, writer’s cramps, writer’s block, writer’s psychopathy, writer’s envy, writer’s denial, writer’s headaches, sporadic normlessness, hyper criticism and static daydreaming. Oh does it get any better after this?

So over the last week I’ve been going like mad cranking out assignment after assignment, trying to keep up, keeping the grades up to my personal satisfaction, all this while trying to maintain a social life–very difficult to do under these circumstances. Predominately, the mid semester crunch is when the rules of the College/University say that at the mid point some form of grades must be present so that students can decide whether or not they should withdrawal from a particular course. So, the result is that you have a flurry of assignments just before the withdrawal date, and on top of that, the first bunch of exams start to appear. I should also point out that this is indicative of third and fourth year classes, not the undergraduate ones where exams are laced throughout the term.

Last night, my CRIM4900 class, we had to watch a video, a Holly-weird one, and then start writing an reaction essay about it–due next week. The CRIM4900 class is a seminar style class that has a specified topic that varies from term to term, so this term the topic is on Sexual Deviancy. The video called The Woodsmen staring Kevin Bacon, is about a convicted child sex offender who has just finished his sentence and is starting to reenter the community. For non-criminology students, and post graduates, this movie would no-doubt raise a lot of temperatures. Surprisingly, for me anyway, the “big scene” was not that shocking, it was a different scene that shocked me where the main character was just about ready to re-offend and his victim, an eleven year old girl–Robbin, started talking to him about her experiences, and he changes his mind and tells Robbin to go home. I will not spoil the plot for you. But surprisingly my personal reaction to it was totally different when compared to my first reaction of when I first saw the video a few years ago. I see that dealing with sex offenders academically has change my viewpoint–I see it as more of a science rather than an emotional reaction. Still, no matter how many cases I’ve read on these topics, emotion is always present. It is very hard for me to get into the mind of a person who does these acts and try to explain it.

Well, Time on the blog is running out and I must close. Other then that, I spent some time listening to the CBC Radio drama-series called Canadia2056 written by Matt Watts (spelling)?… I Love it–it is pure Canadian. It is worth a listen–very funny and well written.

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  1. Hey Thomasso,

    I know that there is a BC case of a sex offender who was seeking to re-enter the community (I think he wanted to live in Surrey then had to settle in New West). What do you think of that case?

  2. Regrettably I am not familiar with that particular case; however, there is a common theme that runs throughout all sex offender cases. For the offender to re-enter the community Correction Canada does spend a great deal of time and effort considering the recidivism aspects of the individual. It can be very difficult for the offender to re-enter the community because of the media, victims and police. I sometime think that we spend too much time going into over-kill on sex crimes when there are far worse offenders who have done far greater damage to the community, and who are walking free. But media knows that it can sell sex-crimes over white-collar crime any day–blood and sex sells.

    I would need to write a entire post on the topic to attempt just to scratch the surface.

  3. I have not seen that movie but I remember that I decided I didn’t want to see it when it came out. The interesting point is where you mentioned that the girl starts talking to him of her experiences which then stops him. I see this as that he has been objectifying her and then he is jolted into reality by her communicating her feelings/experience.
    There is a really good course on Gabriola Island which is put on by PD Seminars – (Personal Development Seminars). They have many different courses but one of them is called ‘Sex & ID’. I have attended this course and learned a lot from it. The end of the course there is a drag dance and the king and queen are picked. (Not sure if they still do this part of the program.) I found it very intimidating being a ‘guy’. I didn’t have the ‘balls’ to pull it off completely.
    I have heard that sex offenders have been sent to this course by the courts (none in my program though). However, it is really up the individual if they really learn from what is being presented to them.

  4. Yey-Gudrun, you finally posted on my blog: Congrats.

    That is exactly what happened in the video, although there were many other details I left out, the main character did realize that the harm he caused (or about to cause) and did see an Human being instead of an object standing in front of him. I must also stress that every case is different, yet the psychiatrist/psychologist, the victims and the community were portrayed quite well.

    Most people do not realize that over 90 percent of sex offenders do return back into the community after serving their time in prison.

    That is an interesting course you talked about on Gabriola Island, I’m not familiar with that. I’ll have to ask my prof if he knows about it?

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