Taking A Break & Giving A Review Too….

It is way past my bed time and I still have a ton of homework, so I’m just going to write a little here on the old blog and then call it quits for the day, even thought it is close to 1:00am in the morning. I’ll be working all day to morrow on papers, so any thought of enjoying the sun is just wishful thinking–self punishment or what?

So, review of the CBC Radio program called Canadia2056. Canadia2056 is written by Matt Watts, who has done other ventures on CBC and stuff on TV too, but I think this is by far his best work. Matt also plays the main character, Midshipman Max Anderson. The clever Canadian cultural whit with lots of American snips is a classic for me. Matt has gone all out spoofing the Canadian identity and adding so much humour that only a true Canadian would or could appreciate it.

I love sci-fi, and I love Radio, so it is really awesome to have the two elements fused together with an explosion humorous puns, plots and characters that creates some really great entertainment. The writing is clever enough that someone who is not Canadian will still appreciate the humorous elements of the plot. An example of the cultural aspects of the program presented itself for me today when a fellow College student and I were talking about languages and Canadian ascents. I thought she should listen to the last episode of Candia2056 to hear some French, East-coast and Western Canadian English ascents. She loved it, I think, but she was laughing. My friend really loved the character Margaux Faverau, a French Canadian who is second in command on the Canadia, played by Stephanie Broschart.

This is radio drama unlike the traditional radio from the 1950s that people seem to reflect upon. One of the noticeable traits of this show is that it stays away from musical scene-scapes, so you are focused on character and environment with specific sound cues. What really sets this audio-cast apart from traditional radio is the level and sophistication of the sound effects. Not only is there the essential practical sound effects, but room reverberations and background noise that meshes quite well without overdoing and drowning out the voices of the actors. The Sound Director, Wayne Richards and Recording Engineer, Anton Szabo do a really great job creating and putting the sound together.

My favourite character has got to be Doc Gaffney played by Paul O’Sullivan. Also, I have a soft spot for Shauna MacDonald who plays The Computer on the ship. She was formally Promo Girl on CBC Radio One for a few years back–I miss her.  Check out the full list of characters and the actors who play on the show at the CBC Website.

Lastly, this coming Friday will be the seasons finale of the second season. I really hope that the CBC gives the show a third season. This is really great entertainment. Who knows, maybe the American’s will want to buy it, move it to Hollywood, and call it their own?

There are VIDEO CLIPS too. Here is the link to see the cast and crew of Canadia2056.

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