I Want Out! @#*!-off Fly

Sitting in my easy chair, I am looking outside at the summer morning as the tops of the trees begin to light up from the sun and the birds start chirping like a freeway of back-up beepers, I am sad because I am under siege from the army of mosquitoes that hover around my windows and doorway. The street is empty and barren as the Canada Day holiday starts. There are no kids playing in the front lawns running through the lawn sprinklers, or the sounds of the ice-cream truck playing the mono-tone version of Turkey in The Straw through its loudspeaker. There is emptiness.

Last night when I was watching the sun, one of those cloudless days, but with lots of hazed or smog, the onslaught of bite after bite was too much to stand on one spot and snap a few photos. When I walked onto the grassy area, the swarm was so thick that I actually in-hailed a fly through my nostril. Oh, I blew it out–I am not gonna die—*smerk*.

Sadly, regrettably and relentlessly I am sitting in my easy chair with the air conditioner humming away watching summer through the tinted glass out from my living-room. My only hope is when high-noon comes around because that is when even the evil fly cannot stand the heat and will retreat back into the swamps from which is came from–until evening when it is dinner time again.

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