What Do You Call A Fly With No Wings?

Well, I just got a reply on my post from June 29, 2008 called “As the Bugs Bite, I Run Inside,” and it appears that someone has been listening to our cries, whines and harping about the fly problem. The pest control people could be taking care of our little Fly Infestation sooner than I thought–like possibly today.

Here is what the Langley Township have to say on their Town Hall Blog called Langley Politics Dotcom:

The mosquitoes in Fort Langley have been terrible this year. The Township has been spraying (including, I understand from our staff, using a helicopter on parts of McMillan Island, with Kwantlen First Nations permission), but the GVRD has thus far refused to spray on Brae Island or in Derby Reach park.

That is about to change: Township staff told Council today that the GVRD has agreed to a more balanced approach to mosquito treatment that considers the interests of the surrounding community. As a result, they are moving forward with assessing and treating Brae Island as soon as possible.

To help speed the process up further, we have offered the services of our mosquito control contractor, Culex, to get onto Brae as soon as possible (hopefully today).

This has been a terrible year for mosquitoes along the Fraser, but we will continue to do everything we can to make things better.

So it looks like there could some relief in the near future from the all the biting that has been going on from the evil fly. I can’t say that I’ll miss them, but wait—yes, I want to miss them, I never want to see them again!

I know that there are people who oppose the spraying because of the chemicals that are put into the environment. After all this is an issue that I’m sure the GVRD/Metro Vancouver posed with its decision not to spray in the first place. I’m really caught between a rock and hard place on this one. On one hand I hate being bitten alive by the fly, yet on the other hand, I see spraying as concern to the environment. I guess in this case spraying wins the argument for now–until the long term effects start to show up….

[ADDED] Jordan adds: “…that bug bites, and the diseases spread through them, are a public health concern. We spray with the cooperation and consent of the Fraser Health Authority.”

Thanks to Jordan Bateman of the Langley Township Council for the news.

**The answer to the joke in the header is: You call it a “Walk.” becuase it can’t fly any more.

3 Thoughts on “What Do You Call A Fly With No Wings?

  1. It`s important to note that bug bites, and the diseases spread through them, are a public health concern. We spray with the cooperation and consent of the Fraser Health Authority.

    Glad to have good news for you!

  2. A bit of news from tonight’s Council meeting–
    The GVRD have agreed to allow spraying in Derby Reach and Kanaka Creek parks, as well as Brae Island for this year; now we’re working on them to make that change permanently.

  3. Thanks Jordan.

    I think a lot of people who like the Summer Outdoors will appreciate this bit of news.

    I thought that there was already spraying being done?

    Can’t wait for relief! 🙂

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