Driving Me Crazy

So far this week I have had three encounters with stupid drivers. The first one was on the Queens-Borough bridge in New-West Minster where a lady decided to switch lanes without signalling and moving between me and a slowing vehicle. The second encounter was large truck that over shot his turn onto the Langley Bypass off of 192 street. Finally today, going to work a driver in a black jeep was not paying attention, his eyes were off the road, he swerved into my lane narrowly missing me.

The amount of people I see driving while talking on their cell phones is getting to the point of stupid and ridiculous. The truck driver who over-shoot his turn in Langley City was talking on a cell phone. At first I thought people could easily be in control of their driving while talking, but not anymore. I used to do it myself, but since learned the hard way by almost driving into the ditch on a wintry day about five years ago. I turn off the phone now when driving. I see the odd responsible person pulled over to the side of the road to take their calls, but they are only a small number.

Two weeks ago I had a lady throw her cigarette butt out of her window and it landed across my windshield while we were coming to a red light. When I rolled down my window to tell her to stop doing that, but she just leaned on her horn till the light changed. I did phone the police to make a complaint.

I think speed is the number one reason why I hate driving through Langley during the summer. The speed limit on Route 10 is 70 km/h, and the average speed is 80 km/h, but people always pass me. Even in Fort Langley, people like to gun-it through the main road. Motorcycles are worse because of the noise, yet they only do it quick bursts. I think 100 km/h is the norm during the day?

I think I know the answer to all of this. People are still in a hurry to get from point A to point B. Sure, the high price of gas has not put a damper on driving. I think the population of cars is still the same, though I am seeing a lot more scooters on the road. So I think drivers are still in “Rush-Hour” mode. Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation and open spaces, but it does not seem to matter what season it is any more, people dive like they are going to be late for something.

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  1. nice nice nice theme

  2. Yes, I think I’m keeping this one for a while. I got the main idea from here: http://www.blogohblog.com/ and added it after I did a lot of customizations to it.

    Yours is looking real good too. I like your idea of the food blog. Makes me hungry every time I look at it.

  3. Hi
    I have been one of those rushing drivers for a long time – even getting 2 speeding tickets the same day going from Langley and back to Aldergrove. It really sunk in the day I got the letter from ICBC advising me that 1 more speeding ticket and I would lose my license for 1 year or so. I love driving and I need my car to get around. So I keep my speed within the speed limit for the next 6 months (until an old ticket fell off my record). It was extremely excruciating as I felt I was slugging along as everyone else passed me in their great hurry. After a while it got to feel really relaxing as it just got to be the norm for me. What is really scary is driving that little bit too fast and then suddenly I need to brake and if I had been going a bit faster things may not have turned out as well as they did.

    I haven’t had a ticket in a few years now, thank goodness, but I am still conscious of the speed limit – not as much as I should be though.

    With regards to scooters – they cost only about 3.50 to fill and you get around for a week. Since they aren’t speeding machines it is a great alternative for the summer but I wouldn’t want to drive one in the winter.

  4. i have a lot of work on mine
    i think i’m having vision problems (meaning i don’t know what to do with it)

    i’m enjoying baking tho
    i have a batch of bagels to bake from another peter reinhart recipe

    i’m so exited about it

  5. Gudrun, say it isn’t so–you a speeder! Well, I hope you have been reformed and you won’t re-offend. 😉

    Lil, This may help you out a lot. Word Press Automatic Upgrade Plug-in. Here is the link: Auto Up Grade Plugin.

    It is really good for those who just don’t like fiddling around with their FTP server/clients and forgetting to back-up and then loosing some of your data. This program does it all for you–even alerts/auto-up-grades for you if you give it root privileges. At least you’ll be current with the latest version of Word Press!

  6. excited…i meant

  7. He he…I knew what you meant.

    I remember when your blog was Red-Black and white. That was hard on the eyes.

    Word-Press has hundreds of themes to choose from now. I’m sure there is one out there for you. You could jazz yours up with some graphics–I remember the dragons–they were cool.

  8. i wanted sunflowers
    but i have no pictures of sunflowers
    and i wanted it smooth and white and clean

    you know there’s this old theme with a ball point pen on top? writely or somethign? i really like that…the cleanness

    maybe i can take that as inspiration

    i have a squiggle sunflower in my comments but i wanted a nicer bigger one for a top image

    maybe i can make a bigger clean squiggle

    and reintro the dragon

    i’ve been missing my dragons

  9. Sun Flowers, now that is different. It would go nicely with your food & cookbook style blog.

    I googled “sun flowers” and got some good photos.

    Looking forward to see what you do with it. Decorating is fun every now and then eh?

  10. me too
    i want my own

    i’ve been trying to redecorate since the beginning of the year
    half of it’s gone already

    aw man!

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