Registration, Mad Student Disease

I have my registration date for next semester and I am all ready for the big event which should only last ten seconds, but it is a big ten seconds. You see, I yet to figure out what I am going take next. I mean last semester I was hugely disappointed that they dropped one of classes after I had applied for it, and then before that, never adding some of the important classes needed to finish off my third year. That is frustrating.

The worse situation one can be in is having to take an extra semester just to finish off one course because the scheduling was all wrong. Sadly this has a lot to do with students working. I know it happened to me when I was doing my undergrad classes. I was all set to finish and the one final course I needed was dropped because of low attendance and it was merged with another class that fit right during my work period with my employer on another week day.

I will start the process on July 15, about 8:00am. I will sit in front of my computer and wait for the little tab on the web-page to say, “please select add or drop,” and away we go.

There is always competition for certain classes. Some classes are only offered once a year, while others are only given once per semester, while others have more desirable instructors over those who suck, and then there is the availability factor–when you can take them or cannot.

I am so happy that I have just about every prerequisite for any upper level class that I need because this makes choosing a lot less pain-full. I remember way back in year one at how bewildered I was looking at how few classes there were, and only having the opportunity of choosing “scraps,” classes that no one else wanted. You basically waited for someone to drop their classes so you could scoop them up. So you spent a lot time waiting on-line, checking it every hour of every day. Really productive for your post secondary education eh?

Anyway I am happy that I got this far. I am going to the end. The ride has been both bumpy and wild and I never regret any moment of it. College is the time of my life. The people, what you learn and the hopes and prospects afterwords is what makes it all worth while.

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  1. I hate registration period. It was like, the most frustrating thing, in like – ever. Do keep me posted, I’d like to know which courses you end up taking.

  2. Yes, I’ll probably write a post about that. ….and talk about how much money I had to fork out! Ha ha… But yes, I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Hi Thomasso…..

    Just to let you know my e-mail is not working for some strange reason. We can recieve but we can not send. Did you ever look at the video that we posted of the kids? Do you know if Mom and Dean seen it? I will poke my nose in your blog for your responce.


    ps. Your faces are not working ❗

  4. Never mind, your faces are working.

  5. No, I have had no time to really look. The links I had before don’t work. You’ll need to send me the links to the videos.

    Your address is different from what I have? Weird, I thought I had your site…..

    The faces are called: Emoticons.

    UTNT πŸ™‚

  6. Thanx for responding so fast, it seems that your blog is the best way to reach you. 😎 Anyways, the website that I gave in your “leave a reply info” works. You go there and there is only one link to choose. It takes a while for the video to download. It took DM awhile to figure out how to upload the darn thing. When you have the time, watch it, let me know what you think about DM Jr’s performance, Just remember his age. Royal Conservitory ❓ The RCM exams is something that he wants to do, once we told him what it is.

  7. OK, I found it, and you are right–your server is slow!

    Question, you sure like your acronyms. Why not use your name? Everyone knows that you are my sister… Julia! πŸ™„ Don’t be shy. The Internet Police will not hunt you down and spread your Identity all over the place, emptying your credit cards, cleaning out your Bank Accounts and assuming your social insurance number to illegally work in Canada while you get bilked for the Income-Taxes by RevenuΓ© Canada. You are among friends here. Just don’t disclose your whole Identity on the net–that would be stupid. Then everyone would know that you are the blond in the family… ha ha ha ha..

    OK, I think the video has finished downloading… TTYL

  8. OK Just watched the video.

    I think Paula is going to steel the hearts of many boys in her life time–Big D better have the shot-gun handy. She has the million dollar smile.

    Little D sure is growing up. That was a good performance at the recital. I see Dad has taught him well to tickle the ivories.

    Thanks for posting that!

  9. Thanx for watching that, now family members can get off my back about the whole photo thing!!! We are going to make a point of puting more vidoes and pic’s of the kids on that site. But before we start adding more stuff, I am going to get DM to make that site a private site. It would make me feel better. I don’t not want strangers looking at my kids, drooling. You know what I mean.


    I really like your faces. So cute.


  10. Heh heh… there called “Emoticons”.

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