The Dead-Line, A Line That Does Not Move

For the next ten days will be defined as the endurance race of human versus the academic machine were I will be subjected to new found levels of workload, cognitive recognition and stage fright. I will need to pass two “two-hour” presentations, one research paper, two term papers and one mid term exam–all in a space of ten days.

Why do I love this type of pain and suffering at this level? Easy…. because some day, very soon I hope, it will pay off in a hug five figure job. I will soon have what very few people will have: A big fat brain full of legal facts, theories and ideas. …and a piece of paper with a gold sticker on it that says my name on it.

I don’t know anymore? I have been doing all-nighters for so long now, I forgot that I need to start my registration tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have so much other crap to do that I will probably just choose what classes are available when I scroll down the list. I need to pick up my pay cheque and pay my Internet bill. Tomorrow I need to do some shopping–I am running out of toothpaste and Kraft Dinner (KD).

Yeah, KD is the mainstay of the student lifestyle. I used to think it was because of the lifestyle of living in poverty, but now I see the convenience factor in it. With the advent of the micro-wave oven, who could not resist the lure of KD, especially mixed with other ingredients such as bacon-bits, wieners and ham.

I even stopped drinking coffee. Not because coffee is bad for you and keeps you up all night, but I just do not have the time to make it anymore. I will buy a cup whenever I can, but I just do not have the time to sit and stare at the coffee machine, watching it percolate away while my ride is idling the car in the driveway. I drink more water and juice now. It is fast, quick and cold–very nice for these hot summer days.

Now I must get back to the task at hand–preparing for my next in-class presentation on Child Sex-Offenders in my CRIM 4900 class. OMG, that’s in less than….., five days? Gulp! I have so much work to do…..

3 Thoughts on “The Dead-Line, A Line That Does Not Move

  1. Hi Tom – Good luck on your registration tomorrow. Have you figured out which is your fastest finger?
    And listen, putting “KD” and “brain” in the same sentence is sacrilegious. Are you kidding? Every heard the expression – “brain food?”
    Yes, I’m a mother. Listen to me.

  2. Tom,

    I am going to have to disagree with Diane (sorry, even my Mom agrees with what I’m going to say) – carbs are GOOD for your brain, and Kraft = carbs. Enough said.

    Good luck, my friend. See you on Wednesday at Fraser Valley WordCamp? If you come by, please say hi.

  3. Carbs complete with fluorescent orange powder! Yum yum yum.
    Each to their own.

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