A Penny for My Thought: Les-than One Minutes Worth

My registration process is almost completed. There was one little snag regarding class availability, but it went smooth in general. As I clicked on each course, the little counter in the back of my head went: cl-cl-cl-cl-Ding…, cl-cl-cl-cl-cl-Ding…, cl-cl-cl-cl-Ding, as the dollars started to add up.

The one other course I wanted, and is only available this semester, is on hold. So I am going to do the old register it at the last minute trick, just seconds after the payment deadline passes so that I can put it on hold without loosing all my other course due to an outstanding balance. That is how us working-poor students do it when you want the course load, but just do not have the cash to fork out before the dead-line. In the end I will get hit with a $75.00 penalty, but that is the price of doing business at the University, or any institution for that matter in Canada. (I heard that U.S. Universities are even worse.) I think they “Bank” on that method because I know so many other students who have done this for many semesters–it is common practice for a lot people.

So I have two courses for sure–paid, with a balance of $44.05 remaining from a total of $784.o5. Yeah, it is not cheap! CRIM 3100, Advanced Theories of Crime and Community, basically another statistics course, is on hold. From the Kwantlen Web calendar the other two courses are:

CRIM 4235 CR-3

Minorities and the Criminal Justice System

Students will critically analyze the concepts of minority and majority. They will learn how these concepts have been applied to groups defined by ethnic background, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, education, ability or other characteristics. Students will examine relations between minorities and majorities within and with the criminal justice system, investigating theories of power, victimization and criminalization, oppression and colonization.

CRIM 4400 CR-3

Ethics and Professional Development

Students will analyze critique and apply moral and ethical reasoning in preparation for their role as practitioners in the criminal justice field. They will examine contemporary ethical issues in the criminal justice system using an historical frame of reference as a theoretical foundation. Students will examine, develop and express their own positions relative to the ethical issues/dilemmas they may face as practitioners in the field. They will develop the written, oral, reasoning and interpersonal skills required to respond to ethically challenging situations in a competent and professional manner through simulations and written exercises.

Note: This is a seminar course.

The above information can be found here at Kwantlen’s website under Criminology Courses. This is just part of the Calendar and Course Outline offered: Complete Calendar.

I should also add that this list is subject to change. During my time at Kwantlen, I have had only two courses that changed from underneath me while in the registration period, where I either lost it or had it moved to another time slot and I dropped it because it conflicted with my work schedule. I will have more to post on my course-outline as the Fall2008 term apporaches.

3 Thoughts on “A Penny for My Thought: Les-than One Minutes Worth

  1. Hi Tom, Replying to you about the video link. It worked just fine. Thanks for sending the update. Enjoyed the video. Mom and Dean

  2. That is great news. I was worried that Julia’s server would go down, or be throttled down to something less than 5bps, i.e., a two day download. I think they are using Bell’s service as their server provider. It was hurt’n slow for me to download it, and I have a 20mb download speed–someone is getting throttled?

    I think they are planning more family-home videos like that one in the next while. Stay tuned….

  3. 😀 😀 😀 Yahoo!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Mom and Dean finely seen the video! That’s great. Our E-mail is still not working. Not sure when DM is going to fix it. It is nice to know that we all can come to Tom’s corner and chat. You are a life saver Tom ❗


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