OK, I have Twitter. Now What?

While I was at the WordPress Boot Camp in Langley the other night, I was introduced to the popularity of Twitter by several of the presenters. Heck, Rebbecca (a.k.a. Miss 604.com) even did a demonstration of the popular micro-blogger program that allows you to type really short, 140 characters post that you can share up-to-the-minute-and most everyone in the audience tweeted her back in request. Basically you can tell people what you are doing at any time, any moment, even a play by play of what it is you are doing right now. And if that is not enough, you can have everyone respond back to you, or you can be the voyeur and read the Tweets as they come rolling in.

The people at the table I was sitting at looked shock when I told them that I did not use Twitter, I sort of found myself feeling like I was a social outcast, a geek without a pocket protector….

So when I got home I promptly downloaded the Linux version(s) of it–yes–there are many, and tried it out. As soon as I got it installed, I type a line into it, something like…”Hello people at the Word-Press Boot Camp in Langley City. Within seconds I got a reply, or response. It came from some guy that had something called “Twitterspy,” installed on his Twitter that catches key works over the Twitter network. He was tracking the word “Langley” because used to live there. So he put out a “friend” post. I answered it and then saw, every fifteen minutes, his lines and lines of nonsensical phrases, one after that other, filling up my Twitter window.

So, Twitter seems to work. OK, great, now how do I get all those people out there like Tweeting? I’m even wording if it is worth leaving on?

I’m going to advertise my Twitter handle: thomasso01. Ya, I know, original eh? …and see how many Tweets I get using the power of my blog. So come on people—tweet me on Twitter!

2 Thoughts on “OK, I have Twitter. Now What?

  1. I’m following you on Twitter 🙂

  2. Thanks Raul. I see you are an avid Twitterer. This is a very interesting idea–a mini-blog. I can see how this can become addicting.

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