My Cable is Dead–I’m Off the Net….

The Cable Guy is going to have to make a trip out my place and fix my Internet connection. For the last few days I thought Shaw, my ISP, was doing lots of upgrades…., then it got weird where my speed went down to something less than what the old phone modem would do. So I took action. First I phone and complained. Surprised, Shaw told me that everything is good on their end. The nice lady on the phone said she that did a signal strength test and found that my line was extremely weak.

I went outside and checked the line from the box to my wall and noticed that it was suffering from Ultraviolet damage. When I wiggled the cable around, I went back to my workstation and saw that the bandwidth shot up, almost to normal.

I used it for while, surfed the Internet, then left it. When I came back a few hours later, the connection had completely shut off.Nothing. Zip. Zero!

I went outside again, wiggled the cable and went back inside, and again the connection was good. So I phoned Shaw back and told them that the line was part of the problem. In the meantime I figured I could live with the odd trip outside, wiggling of the line, until the problem is permanently and properly fixed. I guess I pulled on it too hard, the line came undone from inside the junction-box. No TV, no Internet! Because I work for a company that sells the hardware for such things, I contacted one of the technicians who lives close by. He had what is called a termination tool, and the special driver that opens the plastic grey box that houses the splitter the came apart. In two minutes he fixed the bad connection.

My friend told me that when Shaw first installed my cable, they never used UV protective cable. In fact, they never sealed the holes that they drilled that brings the line inside. We found three places where the line is loosing its insulation and the wall clamps are touching the ground shielding on the cable. I had those cables installed two years ago. I hope Shaw Cable doesn’t charge me more money for this.

2 Thoughts on “My Cable is Dead–I’m Off the Net….

  1. Tom

    Sorry to hear about your cable misfortion. What a shame…
    I can’t e-mail to you, still not fixed, but I do need to talk to you when ever you have the time. Monday or friday eve’s are the best time. Kind of important.

    Thanx in advance

  2. Ya, sure Julia. Things should be back to normal for me too….hopefully????? I still have a ton of homework though. I’m starting to get a back-log of hand-ins. My presentation today took way too much time to prepare–plan. I had a assignment to get in the same class too. No mercy for the trying.

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