I Need Some Enthusiasm

I just don’t have any motivation today. I have two assignments due on Thursday, big ones, and I just don’t have the energy to get them going. Both assignments are started, and I have somewhat of game-plan going with each, but I just can’t muster up the will power to get going.

One is a small research paper. The significance of this paper is that my information is coming from other articles rather than me going out onto the field and gathering data. The suck-factor in this is that my thesis statement, every time I find some good information, I end up veering off from the main argument and I start finding myself way off topic.

Then there are the interruptions that seem to hit just when I’m ready to get going and start on a roll. The idiot along the road with his motorcycle should be arrested for a noise violation and his bike impounded. For 45 minutes I could hear him throttling it up over and over, then back-firing and then sputtering out. This went for so long that I think one of the ladies who lives closer had a talk with him. He never stopped though until he got the bike moving under its own power. I guess in his world he is King?

So I’m irritable because of this forced writing assignment. I’m still tired from last night’s presentation and I still have some work from that to finish up with. I need some enthusiasm.

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