Reading the CBC news website, I came across a story that caught my eye. The key word was Geocashing: GPS game blamed for Ottawa bomb scare . The Mounties had one of the major bridges shut down in Ottawa, Ontario for four hours while they were inspecting a suspicious package. They blew it up.

The Police seemed to be upset that some players of the popular Geocash treasure-hunting game would make their cashes look like a pipe, with a piece of string attached. That is unfortunately stupid. I do agree that some formal log should be kept so that the authorities could keep track of caches simply to avoid costly police exercises such as this one from happening. This was a waste of tax payer money.

The scare was prompted by the discovery of a suspicious package under the Transitway bridge at Hurdman station last Wednesday that turned out to be part of a geocache. Geocaching is a game that involves searching for hidden packages using GPS co-ordinates.

Some of the comments on the CBC website sort of went too far also. Saying that police knew full well what it was, and that they were playing “extreme” Goecashing, is way over the top. I can’t see the police going whole hearted into this, using several dozen employees and shutting down a major road, spending all that time and money.

You see, I sometimes play the game when I have a good day and a few friends who like to do some hiking. We usually plan ahead of time and check in the area that we are going to and see if there are any geocaches around that we can hunt for. This is a fun game, especially for the children who come along and enjoy a good hunt. Hey, it’s better than game hunting.

I have been doing geocashing in British Columbia for the last two years, and I find it is a lot of fun. I wish that I could spend more time doing it. My record is almost perfect with only one cashe that we could not locate around Fort Langley–the flood sort of had something to do with it. Its a thrill to find your target going through the clues and instructions.

There are rules. Because you are going into public and private places, respect needs to be given at all time. Don’t wreck it for all of us. Hey, people spend a lot time and energy to set of these cashes up–enjoy the hunt and your skills with a GPS–it’s about fun.

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