Hard and Stiff

It has been another one of those crazy weeks for me. Last night we were supposed to head down to Seattle, Washington for a Criminology gathering but that got cancelled just minutes before I was leaving out the door. Good thing too because when unpacked and went to sleep, I was out almost instantly–probably before my head hit the pillow. When I finally got up this morning, my body felt like it had been hit with a thousand bean-bags and every bone seemed to ached as I got up.

I realized that I have been going non-stop for the last five days. The pressure of getting assignments done, getting to classes and the hot weather, it all has taken its toll on me. If I were the tin-man from the Wizard of Oz, I would have had my warranty voided as I squeaked and groaned with every joint seizing up from over use. Maybe it is another sign, something to do with getting older?

I have a little bit of a break before the grand finale–called the exams. I want to use this time get some mental house cleaning done. I have not even had time to sit down and start to think about next semester yet. That will become a pressing issue because I think I have a scheduling conflict between my job and one of my classes. Now that I realized that in the upper level courses there is no such thing as a “light” course anymore, I am to assume that the next semester will be HELL also with mountains of work. I can see the end–thank goodness.

Oh look–it’s raining out side. Notice when one gets some time to enjoy Mother Nature inadvertently punishes? Though the rain is nice after such a long dry period, I hope it stays at a minimum. I kind a want to get out and walk around a bit.

Its good to have a day of nothing to do.

5 Thoughts on “Hard and Stiff

  1. Now We Know What You Want For Your Birthday Gift ..WD -40, Or More Bean Bags.

  2. Oooo, Root Beer Flavoured WD-40 would do! 😉 NO more Bean-Bags, please….

  3. What Kind Of Ice Cream Goes With Root Beer Flavored Wd-40, Do You Need A Cherry On Top

  4. Oh, I though the WD-40 was for my squeaky joints? I’m not sure about the cheery though, but the ice cream I would like separate.

    The Ice Cream would have probably melted once you got it here. Besides, isn’t Ice Cream over $8.00 per litre over there in Alberta?

  5. You Get It Cheaper If It’s Premelted,

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