Where Did the Time Go? Where?

I can’t believe that it is August already. August means that I have “days” left until the semester is finished, and hours until two huge assignments are to be handed in. In less than two weeks I have one large exam, plus an in-class essay to complete, before I can sit back and rest and take it easy.

This is also the start of the long weekend, B.C. Day, and British Columbia’s 150th birthday. This means that the little town of Fort Langley will be hopping mad with celebrations as we celebrate with lots and lots of outdoor events. For example, the people at the IGA store asked if I would like to sit in the Dunk-Tank, along with many others who would love to help out an get wet. I had to decline. Then there are rumours that they may close off parts of the main road. I wanted to visit some friends, and if they block off the road, this could also mean that I may be trapped from leaving or getting back out of town–can we say inconvenience!

My sister J.M., who doesn’t want to use her full name on the Intranet, has started her own blog called JM’s Spot. Check it out! It’s about her personal life and struggles as a mother with two children, a husband and dog, while living in a trailer park in Sooke, British Columbia. She writes some funny posts–like… to America, from Canada, with love: Canadian Poop. I hope she continues to blog for a long time and keeps us entertained.

[ADDED] By request from my sister, J.M., she has asked that I also talk about her most resent post from her blog, titled: “Death of a DVD.” It is a funny satire about sibling rivalry between a 2 year old and her older brother, 10, as they battle over the television.

Today is sad day. My “Finding Nemo” DVD has gone to DVD heaven. It is scratched and smudged beyond recognition, and my only regret is that I never made a back-up copy for this unforeseeable tragedy. My daughter is horrified that her beloved Orange Fishy is broken and my son is jumping with joy with the knowledge that he will never have to watch “Finding Nemo” again. I have never seen him so happy to see the fish dead. What am I to do!!!

There, Julia, are you happy? Will you ever find Nemo again….?

Well, must get back to the homework scene. I still got to get this last paper going…. Gurrrr. Need motivation. Ummmm Coffee. Oh look, the sun is out… towel, shorts, beach…. *slap* must do homework.

5 Thoughts on “Where Did the Time Go? Where?

  1. you forgot about my fish 😉

  2. Oh, Right…. Nemo. I guess he’s toast eh?

  3. Damn, homework 🙁

  4. NO Tom…. Not Nemo…

    My real fish…You have to read my very first blog entry to understand. Husband, Kids, dog and fish. I have 3 fish. Ahhh…whatever 🙄

  5. Raul, you know the story. Does it end?

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