Would You Like to Live in Fort Langley, BC?

For a small fee of $499,900.00 (no GST!) you can live in town house comfort along the mighty Fraser River and enjoy all that Fort Langley has to offer. Yes, you to can own a 2185 sq.ft. lot, with a beautiful two story row home on it.

Well, to be quite honest, when I first saw this add, I sort of told myself that this was totally ridiculous and way over priced. Since that moment of shock wore off, I figured that Canada’s economy is still way too hot and house prices are still over price for the market. The key question here is, are people buying?

The big observation that I am making right now are the amount of homes that are up for sale in and around the Fraser Valley. Mostly homes that are near busy roads and out-of-the-way seem to have the For Sale signs on them. The homes that I would consider buying are happily being enjoyed by their owners. I suspect that most of these homes near my place are up for sale because the owners want to flip them–make their profit, or get retirement plans while the markets are still relatively hot. It is so hard to tell what each home owner’s reasons are; I know a lot of them are selling.

Welcome to historic Fort Langley and Parklane Homes Bedford Landing Development. This non strata freehold row home is being offered for sale. The home has 1496 squire feet of living space and a 689 squire feet of partially developed basement space. The home is an “A Model” end unit with a spacious landscaped yard and single garage with parking pad. Three Bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The home was built 2007 and is still under home warranty.

My landlord told me that because this particular housing development has parkland on it, and that the owners do not have a strata to look after them, she figures that the taxpayers are going to be on the hook for maintaining the parkland. If this is true, then I don’t think most people are going to be happy flipping the tab for someone else’s landscaping of their back yards. I would like to get more details about this becuase the Fort to Fort trail goes right through this housing project.

2 Thoughts on “Would You Like to Live in Fort Langley, BC?

  1. Private yards are the responsibility of private landowners.

    However, the Fort to Fort Trail and the conservation area near the mouth of the Salmon River are considered Township parks (once finished by Parklane) and will be maintained by the Township. This is proper as those amenities can be enjoyed by everyone (such as yourself), not just the Bedford Landing residents.

  2. Thank you Jordan for your input and clarification regarding the tax issue. I kind of figured that the green space along the tracks would be maintained by the home-owners because it is only them who use it.

    The Fort to Fort trail seems to be a somewhat of a hot issue on its final development in these parts. I’m glad that the river front will be accessible to everyone.

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