Searching for a new Logo

I think next week when I have written my last exam I will tackle some housekeeping here on the blog. It is a mess right now. I have just about everything upgraded to the latest version and most of my plugins are working properly, but some of my graphics and layouts are falling apart. So I’m going to spend some time getting creative and coming up with some new layouts.

Not that I really don’t like this look, I’m just going to add more colour and change the main logo at the top of the page called the header, and add some balance.

I have some very cool tools for the graphics and I’m looking forward to the challenge of working with them. I must stress that I’m not planning on huge changes, just a few details that are bugging me right now.

Hey, if anyone has any suggestions regarding a cool logo or colour combination, I would love to hear from you?

2 Thoughts on “Searching for a new Logo

  1. Tom, You Can Always Go With Your Favorite Speed Animals . The Collage Drag Turtles

  2. I’ll need a photo of your old “SuperTurtle” T shirt. The turtle could represent the speed of my server… heheheheh.

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